Tips on Setting Up THE BLOCKSTAR

The design

The Target

Both the indoor and outdoor targets are designed to teach players to shoot away from the keeper.  The large logo is now your keeper and is intentionally bright so that you can spot it just as you would spot the keeper.  THE BLOCKSTAR is designed to be good goalkeeper who will challenge you or your team to score.  The corners are left open to encourage players to shoot high percentage scoring shots!   For younger players you can adjust your expectations.  For example, you can count a shot as a goal if it hits anywhere on the target besides the big circular logo.  Be creative.

indoor target
outdoor target

The Toggles

THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target comes with lightweight bungees and toggles already attached to the target around the border of the target.  To properly attach each bungee to the frame of the goal,  

       * hold each end of the bungee with two hands. 

       * bring one end of the bungee around the goal post and put the toggle through the bungee and pull it around so that the toggle is plush with the grommet on the back of the target.  This will keep your target secure and will keep the toggle from being hit and breaking.  See picture below.


toggle ------------>
bungee ------------>
<--------goal post

Below is a recommendation for the order to attach all bungees.  #1 and #2 are designed to be attached at backboard height. To make it easier to reach the top bungees

(For 7, 8, 9, and 10), use a cooler or ball bucket to stand on.  Once all bungees are attached, your target is securely in place!











When used properly, the included bungees work extremely well and should not break or fall off.  Each Blockstar comes with 4 replacement bungees and toggles.  The lightweight and small design of the bungees keeps your Blockstar light as well.   However if you prefer a canopy style of toggles, Amazon offers an alternative for under $10.  We recommend the 9 inch ball bungees. 


You can purchase them here.

The bottom pouch and bottom long bungee

New and improved!  Included with each target is a long, thicker bungee for the bottom pouch.  Put the bungee through the pouch and bring each end under the post.  This will keep the bottom of your target down and won't cause any damage to your target.  Please note:  Placing weight or a rebound board through the pouch may cause damage over time and is not covered by warranty.  Instead use the included bungee.  If you would like a rebound, place a board in front of the target! 

Please note:  The Blockstar is not recommended for use on windy days and may cause your goal to move or even flip over!  Try removing the bottom bungee to allow wind to blow under the target.  If this does not help, then please do not use on windy days.  Wind edition coming soon.  


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