Blockstar Guidelines

A Keeper Only Environment 

Blockstar Camps and Clinics are unique in that they are conducted in a Keeper Only environment.  This allows for all of the time to be dedicated solely to the improvement of the keepers in attendance.  All drills are goalie centered with no distractions.  We encourage keepers to take risks and try new things in a fun, supportive environment with their peers.  

Parents and Other Observers

If you would like to watch some of the training, we ask that all observers remain on the sidelines at a distance.  This allows the keepers to create their own energy within the drills and truly maximize the benefit of the keeper only environment.  Feel free to come say hi at the end!  


If you are a local coach and have keeper related questions, we are happy to meet with you at the conclusion of the camp.  Our mission is to spread the knowledge of the position with anyone seeking it!  

Videotaping Policy

It is our mission to protect the privacy of keepers attending our clinics and for them to have fun and improve.  We may use video as a tool for learning purposes during the camp if approved by the keeper and/or parent/ guardian. However, videotaping of any kind by anyone other than Blockstar staff is not permitted unless under special circumstances (ie.. scheduled video sessions).  We thank you for understanding!