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Troubleshooting Your Goal on the Go!

Our aim is for our Goal on the Gos to be durable and long-lasting.  If an issue arises, please reach out to us.  Most likely we can replace a part or repair your goal rather than having to buy a new one!  We use eco friendly materials as much as possible, and want to create as little waste as we can.  Therefore we would love to work with you to determine what part may need to be replaced in order to extend the life of your goal :)

Problem:  Side button not locking into place.  Button not popping up/ seems to be missing.


Solution:  The button may have shifted.  Try troubleshooting it by following the instructions in this video

* If the steps in the video do not work, please email or call us at 619-823-5659 as we may need to replace the side leg*

Solution:  The rubber cap is cosmetic and is designed to protect the inside of the pole holder for the first few uses.  When inserting the poles try to insert them so they go in at the same angle as the holder.  If the poles are put in at an incorrect angle, this can cause the pole holder to come out or become damaged.  With plyers, one can easily remove the insert.  The goal will function perfectly without it!

Problem:  The black rubber cap that is in the area where you insert the poles is damaged or missing.

indoor cap damaged.jpeg
insert for poles.jpeg

Problem:  The metal piece on the pole has come off or has been lost.

Solution:  Reach out to us and we can replace your pole / or the metal part.  Adding a piece of neon duct tape will help keep it on in the future and also can help you find the poles if using in long grass!

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed here, please reach out so we can assist you.  Manufacturing defects are rare but do happen so we greatly appreciate your understanding and will work quickly to replace or replair what is needed!  Thank you!

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