Setting up the Goal on the Go!

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The Goal on the Go is back in stock!  Have one?  We would love to hear your feedback!  Any changes you would like to see?   Please email with your thoughts!  


We use them ourselves in our Blockstar Goalie Only Training!

Here are the Tips that we have discovered so far! 


  • Take your time when setting it up for the first few times.  When we have rushed, we have made mistakes that cost more time.

  • When unraveling the net, make sure it is pulled to the middle, so it does not get caught on the pole holders and then tangled.

  • When extending the base and pulling up, pull gently until you hear a click. If you pull too hard it can come apart. If this does happen, it can be easily reattached by lining up the hole with the button.

  • We find it is easiest to put the front poles in first (the ones that go through the sleeves). When taking down the goal, it is easier to remove the back poles first!

  • When taking the goal down, the release buttons to collapse the sides are about half-way down the length of the bar and will be covered by fabric.  Feel on the fabric for it and you will find it.  Or lift the fabric up and you will see the button!  

  • When collapsing the base, if you pull the fabric up it will not get caught in the hinge.  If it does, this can be solved by bending it. 

  • From our experience with other goals and their carrying cases, we know bags can rip over time.  The Goal on the Go bag is made of durable material, but we are guessing over time the wear and tear of the poles pushing against the fabric, may weaken the bag.  To get ahead of this you can reinforce the inside with duct tape to give it added strength...  Just an idea from a GK:) 

  • The more you use it the easier it will be to set up. The poles will slide into the inserts easier, etc.  You will be set up in a couple of minutes. 

  • Near the middle hinge on the base, there are 2 designed bends used to raise the frame off the ground for stability.  These are not damaged!  Balls shot on the ground and to the middle of the goal may go under the frame.  To avoid chasing balls, place a 4x4 board in the middle to keep the balls from going under.  (You can also use a ball bag, GK bag, tire, etc).  Or aim for the corners! 

  • During shipping, some minor scrapes may have occurred on the base of the goal or to the pole holders.  We checked each one to make sure this did not affect the function. If you have any concerns, please let us know. Full refunds will be given if you are unsatisfied for any reason (within the first 30 days).

📢 NOTE:  Included with each goal are stakes and strings for anchoring the goal to the ground. On grass this is easy- just stake it into the ground.   On turf, use weights of any kind (gym weights, sand bags, extra ball bag, etc). You can place them directly on the frame or use the strings and weigh down the other end!

Have your own tips to add?  Please let us know!!  


And remember, your purchase is helping to grow our sport and make it more accessible to all!  Find out more here:

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