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Setting up the Goal on the Go!

 Before setting up please watch the video above to see the full set up! 

Unboxing: First Use

1.  When unboxing your goal for the first time, please lift the goal out carefully so that the netting does not get tangled.


2.  Carefully remove all items.

  • The net: Carefully unroll the netting so the netting stays to the middle and does not get caught on the edges. This will keep it from getting tangled!

  • The black carrying bag: All items will fit in this bag!  You can even add a stick and ball and wear the bag like a backpack!

  • The poles: There will be 4 bottom poles and 4 top poles.  The top pole will connect to the bottom pole with the metal piece.

  • Stakes and strings: Save these.  Optional:  You can use these to keep the goal in place on windy days.  For indoor or on turf, add weights (not included) directly to the frame.

Setting up the Goal

1.  Once all items are removed, and the netting is carefully unrolled, place double hinge on the ground.  Then set one leg down.


2. Carefully pull other leg up until it is full extended.  It will click and lock.  Repeat on other side.

Pro-Tip: You can gently step on the frame as you pull up :)

Please note:  When taking down the goal make sure to find and push in the button to collapse it.  If you can not find the button, pull up on the fabric to locate it. 


The base of the frame should be full extended.

Please note: The center is designed to be curved and raised off the ground. These are not damaged. Please do not force the middle down. This bend creates stability :)


3. Lift and pull out the side leg of the frame until the hinge locks at a 90 degree angle. Repeat on other side.

Pro Tip:  If the button is not locking into place, check to see that the fabric is not caught on the hinge.  If that does not work, check out this video to trouble shoot the button.


4.  Place both legs on the ground with the pole inserts up (as shown in above picture).


5. Slide bottom pole through green sleeve.  Insert pole into the holder on the bottom. Connect top pole into bottom pole.  Repeat on all sides. 


6. Hook the white loop on the net around the silver notch of the top pole.Repeat on all sides! 


7. Set up is complete!  Enjoy anywhere in the world! 

brochure pic.jpeg

Optional: For added security, use strings and pegs to anchor goal into ground.  U Shaped stakes can go directly on frame.  On turf, use weights (not included). 


If you have any questions at all please get in touch!  Email



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