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The Blockstar Shooting Target:
Wind & Rebound Edition

Wind 1_edited_edited.jpg

MSRP: $229


  • Designed to fit an official 12 feet x 7 feet outdoor field hockey goal

  • Lightweight, portable field hockey target (less than 3 lbs)

  • The corners are left open to encourage high scoring % shots

  • Great as a fill in goalkeeper for drills

  • Compatible with the Outdoor Goal on the Go!

  • New material to allow wind to pass through target

  • Smaller logo to aid in wind and rebounding

  • Gives a rebound so you can practice finishing your shot

  • Comes equipped with carrying bag, extra bungees and toggles, and a long bungee for the bottom pouch. 

  • Extra bungees on bottom of target so you can attach a 4x4 rebound board

  • Updated bungees for easier attachment to goal

  • Designed for all skill levels - from Youth to National Teams


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