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Setting up the Wind & Rebound Edition

Blockstar Shooting Target 

Wind in Bag.jpeg

The Blockstar Shooting Target comes in a small bag that fits in a backpack and weighs 3 pounds! Included is: the target and all bungees to attach it to a goal, a long bungee for the bottom pouch, and 4 extra replacement bungees.

Wind Edition on cage Sony.jpeg

This is how your target will look when correctly attached to your goal.  

Please note: the corners are left open to encourage high percentage shots.  The bottom corners are attached at baseboard height.  Perfect for corner practice!

bungee around post front angle.JPG

The target is equipped with 10 small bungees already attached to its perimeterTo attach to the goal, each bungee will be wrapped around either the side posts or top post.  Pictured above is the view from the front of the goal.


Pictured above is the view of the bungee from the back of the target. Ideally, the ball of the bungee will be plush against the grommet on the back of the target. This will ensure that the target stays attached to the goal!

box to step on.jpg

Pro Tip:  To make set up easier, use a crate to step on to attach the top of the target to the top post.  

long bungee through pouch.jpg

Each target has a mesh bottom pouch.   Here is where you will use the long bungee to keep the bottom of the target down.  Also pictured are the 2 bottom small bungees.  Here is where you will attach a 4x4 board for even better rebounds (optional).

side view with board.JPG

Side view.  Note: each end of the long bungee goes under the side post and wraps around the side board.  This will keep the bottom of the target down.  A board can be placed in front of the target for added rebounds.  Use the 2 small bungees to attach the board (see video below).

rebound board option.JPG

Set up is complete!  Now it is time to enjoy your Blockstar!  

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