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Founder Jill Dedman in Peru
Whose ready for the 2019 Blockstar Goali
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Flashback to backyard hockey with host f
CT camp complete 😃✅ had fun ✅ improved
Final day_ Michigan ⭐️ Thank you Dexter

Blockstar Field Hockey was created by former USA National Team Goalkeeper, Jill Dedman

with the mission to provide specialty training for goalkeepers. 

THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target was later developed to provide field players with a 

keeper who is always available to train!


The Goal on the Go was developed to provide a more affordable goal to individuals and teams

and to help grow the game!

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Jill Dedman
Blockstar Field Hockey, Owner / Coach

From Jill about Goalkeeper Training:

Specific goalkeeper training made all the difference in my game.  As a high school athlete, I first learned about field hockey when I was in 9th grade.  I began playing as a field player my freshman year and half way through my sophomore year I became a goalkeeper.  I had big shoes to fill when the very talented goalkeeper before me, Sarah Egnaczyk, graduated and continued her field hockey career at Boston College.  I had a wonderful high school coach, Theresa Napolitano.  She was not a goalkeeper but she spent many sessions with me and placed a lot of emphasis on the position.
In college I was lucky to get recruited by Boston College and re-join my high school teammate, Sarah Egnaczyk.  I red-shirted my first year and was able to practice every day while not playing in any games so that I could save that year of eligibility.  In Sarah, I had the perfect example of someone who was greatly talented, worked extremely hard, and never gave up on the ball. Training alongside her, I learned so much.
My sophomore year, Donna Lee Chung, a former 1988 Olympic goalkeeper joined the staff at Boston College.  Donna taught me not only the basics, but also how to read the game and develop a “sixth sense”. I learned from her to read the opponents and get a sense of their next move on the field.  I credit the specific goalkeeper training I received from Donna, along with the positive experiences I had with teammates and coaches, as being the reason I later made the USA National Team.
I believe all goalkeepers are unique and have their own style and set of skills and strengths.  After my playing career with the USA National Team, I was an Assistant Coach at the University at Albany, Indiana University, and Cal, Berkeley.  I really enjoyed coaching at the Division I level but always thought about how much better all goalkeepers would be if they got specific position training before college.
I knew I was lucky to get the training that I did in my career and thought it was time to pass on that knowledge.
I decided to return to San Diego where I had lived when I was in residency with the USA National Team.  The perfect weather made it easy to train year round and start my company, Blockstar Field Hockey.   
Blockstar Field Hockey was created to provide specific training to any keeper who wants it.  All camps are open to all keepers. The idea is a collaboration of goalkeepers working together to improve their individual games.  It is a goalkeeper only environment so that every drill is geared toward the benefit of the goalkeeper. With Blockstar the aim is to eliminate the chance of signing up for a camp and not receiving proper training.  All coaches played the position of goalkeeper at the Division I level or higher. The atmosphere aims to be positive and empower the goalkeepers to take charge of their training. 

Coaching Career Highlights

  • NCAA Division I Assistant Coach: University at Albany, (3 seasons) Indiana University (2 seasons) Cal Berkeley (one season) - Keepers at all schools earned All Conference and other accolades

  • Goalkeeper Specialist: Canadian National Team and U21 Training Camps (Feb 2018, May-June 2018)

  • Goalkeeper Consultant:  Bucknell University, Cal Berkeley, University of the Pacific, Indiana University

Athletic Career Highlights

  • USA National Team Goalkeeper (Indoor and Outdoor Team: 8 years)

  • World Cup: Perth, Australia 

  • Other International Competitions: Germany, Netherlands, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Canada

  • Boston College: All American, Goalkeeper of the Year, All Conference, Academic All American

  • 2010 Inductee Boston College Hall of Fame

  • Amity High School:  First ever State Championship Team, Athlete of the Year

  • Hall of Fame Inductee Amity HS

Blockstar Field Hockey 3.jpg

THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target
No goalie? No problem!


THE BLOCKSTAR began as just an idea I had for many, many years.   When I was a college coach I would often work with the keepers for a portion of practice.  During this time, the field players were left without keepers.  If the team worked on their shooting skills on an empty goal, often-times they would shoot to the middle of the cage which is easier for keepers to save.
In 2015 my idea became a reality when I was able to take the time to create and test what later became known as THE BLOCKSTAR.  The idea was to give field players a bright visual of a goalkeeper and, through repetition, train them to shoot to the corners of the goal (high percentage scoring shots).  The corners are left open to encourage these shots.
THE BLOCKSTAR is now a part of many programs across the world.  In the USA it is used by hundreds of collegiate programs as well as high schools and club teams.  In the world, it has found its way to top National Teams for both indoor and outdoor field hockey.  We are thankful that so many people have made THE BLOCKSTAR a part of their program (in many cases even giving her/him a name)!
We are developing ways to creatively and with purpose, contribute a portion of every sale towards making a difference. From supporting clubs and athletes to growing the game across the world, we want to give back to the sport that we all love and with a community who wants to have a positive impact on others.

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