Blockstar's Mission

Blockstar Field Hockey was created by former USA National Team Goalkeeper, Jill Dedman with the mission to provide specialty training for goalkeepers.  THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target was later developed to provide field players with a keeper who is always available to train!  


Beyond training and the product, the goal of Blockstar is to have it be the avenue for people from the field hockey community to make a positive impact not only in the sport but in the world. The goal is to grow the game and give back to field hockey while also helping communities worldwide.


We aim to have the BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target be a part of every field hockey program across the world.  We are developing ways to creatively and with purpose, contribute a portion of every sale towards making a difference.  From supporting clubs and athletes to projects such as clean water and energy worldwide, we want to give back to the sport that we all love and with a community that wants to have a positive impact on others.


Blockstar: Training for Rockstar Keepers;  Community:  Be a Star on Your Block. 

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We believe the Blockstar Shooting Target should be a part of every field hockey program from youth to National Teams!

Would you like to be part of the movement worldwide by getting involved and spreading the word? 


We will put a portion of sales back to your program or cause!  

Tell people about The Blockstar and share your unique code.  

Your customers will get a discount and you will earn money for your cause.  

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