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Customer Testimonials

The Goal on the Go!

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"I love my BlockStar goal because it gives me the freedom to hold a field hockey clinic anywhere. The set up is super easy and wherever I go people are impressed that I have a portable goal that is easy to use and I can take anywhere." ~ Robyn Kenney, Former USA National Team Player, Individual Mindset Coach


"Blockstar’s Goal On the Go has been a fantastic investment for our club. They are lightweight, portable and very easy to put up and take down. The quality of the netting is strong but not too heavy to make the storage difficult. We bought four and plan to get more! I highly recommend this product!" ~ Amanda Fishwick-Lawson, Director Horizon Field Hockey Club

“I absolutely love my blockstar on the go goals. They save me so much time during set up and take down. Unlike other options, they are sturdy and can handle the daily use. I would recommend these goals to anyone looking for an easy, portable solution!” ~ Maren Langford, FDL FHC Owner & Director

"I want to first start by saying that I absolutely LOVE your goals. They have been a blessing- so lightweight and way easier to transport, store, and set up. They’re game changers. We’ve also been loving the targets that you sent. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality and ease of use. You have no idea how satisfying it is to be able to carry both goals to the field in one trip without dying."  (quote from email) Meghan Stocks, Founder of So Field Hockey

The Blockstar Shooting Target

The Blockstar Shooting Target is now part of hockey programs across the world. It is currently training effective scorers in the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Namibia, and more.  Suitable for all levels from Youth to National Teams.

Using the BLOCKSTAR has created a real change in dynamic for our players during training. It creates a new challenge, an extra gk if needed, and increases the deliberateness needed to be successful with performance. Our players enjoy using it in any activity, it has been a great addition to our training tools.” ~ Former USA Men’s National Team Head Coach


"I personally have one Blockstar already and it is fantastic! A must have for every Hockey Team." ~ Hockey Club Coach, Australia

"The Blockstar is great for the extra cage. She makes good saves and gives rebounds if the ball is shot at her middle! She's made practices fun as our players know she's hard to score against!   The targets are small for hitting the corners and great for giving a visual target to make our Strikers better with their shooting." ~ NCAA Division I Head Field Hockey Coach


“The Blockstar is a daily part of practice for our team.  We call it "Hector the deflector." It is extremely easy to set up and provides my young players an opportunity to practice specific corner shots instead of just straight to the goalie.” ~ High School Coach, California.


“It's a great tool to work with during the non-championship segment when we have small groups or individual skills sessions without a goalkeeper present.” ~ NCAA Division II Head Field Hockey Coach


“We love that we can have quality shooting drills and focus on shooting even when we don't have a goalie.  It makes it realistic since they can't just shoot in the middle of the cage.” ~ Club Coach, New Jersey


“It's perfect to work on Shooting techniques and you don't need a goalie!! :) ” ~ NCAA Division II Head Field Hockey Coach


“We love that it emphasizes accuracy and how easy it is to set up. It allows us an easy way to play with three goals or to do individuals on the field without a goalkeeper. ~ NCAA Division III Head Field Hockey Coach

It's a great tool to use for target practice and really helps the players take smart shots.” ~ NCAA Division III Head Field Hockey Coach

"We liked how easy it is to carry around and transport.  We also liked how much of the goal it took up. It makes it hard to score."  ~ NCAA Division I Assistant Field Hockey Coach  


“I can set it up anywhere and it provides an extra station in practice!”  ~ High School Coach, CT


"We only have one goalkeeper at training this spring so it's great when we play small games or scrimmage to have a legitimate second goalkeeper in Blockstar. We use Blockstar when we want to take extra shooting reps with the attackers and have our goalie(s) involved in another drill."  ~ NCAA Division I Head Field Hockey


“The Blockstar shooting target has been a great addition to our practices. Any time you can incorporate a tangible element to a drill that changes the look and challenges a players' skill set proves highly beneficial and productive.”  ~ NCAA Division III Head Coach


“I can practice by myself!” ~ High school player  


The discipline it requires my players to have when entering the circle: forces vision and technique in shooting rather than throwing the ball simply towards the cage (purpose of a shot). ~ NCAA Division III Head Coach


“Great practice during our Spring Season when our goalkeeper is playing lacrosse! Great for training!” ~ NCAA Division III Head Coach


“Easy to setup and to use, just flip up on top of the cages when using a live GK.” ~ Club Field Hockey Coach, DE


“Strong rebounds, challenging for players, makes the game competitive when a gk is not available.”  ~ NCAA Division III Head Coach


“It allows our players to work on shooting while the goalies focus on their footwork!” ~ Club Field Hockey Coach, NJ


“I love the ability to run practice without one goal keeper at one end!” ~ High school coach, NY


“It is great to hang and know we can go through PC shooting or shooting drills and have a consistent target!  Our girls can easily set it up on their own to work on certain shots and it creates a challenging and realistic set up for them.”  ~ NCAA Division III Head Field Hockey


“Being able to take shots without a goalie in the cage.”  ~ High School Coach, PA


“The concept is great, easy to assemble, very user friendly. Allows us to diversify our practice plans and be really creative in utilizing our space.”  ~ NCAA Division III Head Field Hockey


“We have been using our Blockstar for indoor spring training and it has been a great tool! Many of our individuals do not include a GK and we can quickly put up the Blockstar and have our outfield players pass or shoot into the corners. It has proved very hard to score on; so as we use it more we will hopefully see an improvement in our accuracy! I am really impressed with how small it os when rolled up; very easy to throw in a backpack and take to training. ~ NCAA Division I Head Field Hockey Coach

Any questions, please email  Payment plans available.

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