Goalie Only Training

At Blockstar, we recognize how important a good goalkeeper is to the success of any team.  Unfortunately as important as the position is,  it is often times overlooked at many camps.  With Blockstar, you don't have to worry about paying for a camp that may not have a specific keeper coach.  All camps are coached by Former USA National Team Goalkeeper, Jill Dedman and other highly qualified keeper coaches who played the position! 


Blockstar Field Hockey was designed to bring specialized goalkeeper training from coast to coast with the mission to spread the knowledge of this ever important position! 


Every session is designed with the sole purpose of developing keepers.  The camps are open to all keepers seeking to take their game to the next level while working in a fun environment.  You will train in a keeper only setting which means you won't simply be thrown into drills with little to no instruction.  We aim to cover all skills and answer any questions you may have about the position.  

Please note:  All camps are commuter camps.  Keepers are responsible to bring their own goalkeeping equipment and secure their own housing if necessary.

Blockstar Training is for goalies only!  Want to join our mailing list?  

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Stay safe!!

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