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Limited Time offer- UK only

limited supply of Blockstar Shooting Targets are in Europe!   UK customers can now get a Blockstar Shooting Target Outdoor Edition for a reduced price and FREE Shipping!!  Offer good while supplies last!

Regular price £219.00.  

Note:  These targets are in perfect condition.  There was a slight printing error that was professionally corrected.  Please see pictures below.  The only difference is the website has been added to these targets to correct it.  This allows us to sell these targets for a much lower price.  

Your price today with free shipping £139.00


BLOCKSTAR front angle no poles.jpg
Target website bottom.jpg

THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target

  • A lightweight, portable target. (About 2.2 pounds). Fits in a backpack!

  • The corners are left open to encourage repetition of high scoring percentage shots.

  • Can be used as a fill in goalkeeper. 

  • Easily attaches to any regular size goal or fence.

  • The bright goalkeeper logo in the middle of the target encourages players to shoot away from the goalkeeper.  

  • Durable. Tested and approved for 3+ years by players and coaches around the world (developed in 2015).

  • Good for all players from youth to National Teams.

  • Already a part of many programs:

                - Division I, II, and III College Programs in the USA 

                - National Teams 

                - High School and Middle School Teams

                - Club Teams

                - Individual Players

Offer good while supplies last!

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