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Blockstar = Be a STAR on your BLOCK

We believe the Goal on the Go can help transform field hockey into an accessible sport for all!  


Our mission is to make a difference in the field hockey world and beyond.  We are grateful to have been able to connect with communities around the world and introduce the sport of field hockey to kids we met in Costa Rica, Belize, and Peru. This has inspired us to continue to help grow the game!  (See video below for some footage of the people we have met along the way).

We are very excited about our products:


  • The Goal on the Go and 

  • the Wind and Rebound Edition Blockstar Shooting Target  


We believe in their potential to grow the game and increase opportunities for all.  The Goal on the Go is an official outdoor sized (12' x 7') portable goal that can be carried on your back like a backpack!  The Wind and Rebound Edition can be used in all weather and is compatible with the Goal on the Go!

Field hockey goals and goalkeeping equipment are expensive pieces to all programs.  Oftentimes, cones are used in place of a goal and trash cans are used to replace a goalkeeper!  


We aim to help grow the game by providing programs who are not able to afford an official aluminium goal with a Goal on the Go and provide teams who cannot afford to buy goalkeeping equipment, with a Blockstar Shooting Target so they can have a "keeper" to train with! 

Would you like to recommend a program for donation of a Goal on the Go or Blockstar Shooting Target?

Please email and tell us about their program.  Thank you!! 


A portion of all sales of the Blockstar Shooting Targets will continue to be donated to charities as well as help support our mission to provide official sized goals to programs in need. 

Additionally, payment plans can be set up to help make the products more affordable and accessible

for all!  Email to set up a plan that works for you!

Please get in touch with any questions!


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