The BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target (Outdoor Edition)

Designed to fit an official outdoor goal (12'x 7')

  • A lightweight, portable field hockey target (about 2.2 lbs)

  • The corners are left open to encourage high scoring % shots

  • Great as a fill in goalkeeper for drills

  • Easily attaches to a regular sized goal or be creative- attach to a fence

  • Logo intentionally bright and centered to represent keeper

  • Durable: Tested and approved since 2015

  • Designed for all skill levels - from Youth to National Teams

  • Currently being used by hundreds of Division I, II, and III Universities, National Teams, high schools, and club teams across the world

THE BLOCKSTAR Shooting Target (Indoor Edition)

Designed to fit an official indoor goal (9'9" x 6'6")

  • Same lightweight, portable design- only smaller. 

  • Designed specifically to fit an indoor field hockey goal! 

  • Comes equipped with carrying bag, extra bungees and toggles, and a long bungee for the bottom pouch. 

  • Order today!  Fast shipping with expected delivery to you in 2-3 business days after you place your order!  

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