Blockstar Stay at Home Workout

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are all staying home, staying safe, and staying sane:). Many people have asked for some workout ideas so here is a workout we have put together (more will be added).  For those of you who have trained with Blockstar, you probably have an idea of what each exercise is.  Corresponding videos will be added soon.  I would love to have you, the Blockstars, represented so please email me if you would like to take part in the Blockstar Backyard workouts and are willing to film a clip of yourself doing the exercise.  Then we will compile the videos to show the full workout with Blockstars across the country/ world represented!

Blockstar Backyard Circuit

     Backyard Blockstar Keeper Workout: No Keeper Equipment necessary

For cones use socks, shoes, rocks, anything you can find! 

Train the Blockstar way at home.  Blast your favorite music and have fun!

Estimated Workout Time: 25 Minutes!

Perform the 3 exercises in the circuit for 30 seconds each then take a 1 minute rest.  Repeat to do 3 total rounds.  Continue with the same format for Circuit #2 and Circuit #3

Circuit #1:  Arcs, Planks, Body Weight Squats

Exercise #1:  Goalie Arc (30 seconds):  Space 2 "cones" 12 feet apart (Make a goal).  Do goalie arc for 30 seconds focusing on small, quick steps around arc.

Exercise #2:  Plank (30 seconds):  Ab/core focus.  Maintain a neutral neck and spine.  Thank you, Ella!

Exercise #3:  Body Weight Squats (30 seconds).  Here is a video found on Youtube

Rest one minute.  Repeat to complete 3 total sets.

Circuit #2:  T-Drill, Side Lunges, Side heel touches

Exercise #1:  T-Drill (30 seconds):  Use cones, socks, etc.  Start at pink star, sprint to green, side shuffle to blue, side shuffle all the way to red, side shuffle back to green.  Back peddle to pink.   Repeat for 30 seconds. Depending on the space you have spread the cones out at 5-10 yards apart.

Exercise #2:  Side lunges (30 seconds):  Lunge to the right, come back to center; Lunge to the left
Exercise #3:  Side heel touches (ab/core focus)


Rest one minute.  Repeat to complete 3 total sets.

Circuit #3:  Line hops, Goalie Get Ups, Ab Bicycles 
Exercise #1:  Line Hops:  15 seconds side to side; 15 seconds forward and backwards
Exercise #2:  Goalie Get Ups (30 seconds):  Start in dive position laying on side, get up to standing, down to reverse dive, up to standing.  Repeat 30 seconds.
Exercise #3:  Bicycles (ab/core focus)



Rest one minute.  Repeat to complete 3 total sets.

Cool down and stretch, stretch, stretch.  15 seconds of yoga tree pose on both legs. 

Namaste, Blockstar and have a wonderful day! 

Feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, or ideas!  We are all in this together!