2020 Blockstar Goalie Only Summer Tour

Hi Everyone!  We hope you and your families are safe and healthy during these unprecedented times!


We are trying our best to stay up to date on the various state reopening plans.  Our priority is your safety.    


We typically limit our Blockstar Summer Camps to just 8 keepers.  When it is safe to resume training we will begin with private sessions and most likely will limit the group training to 4 keepers.  This will allow for even more individual attention.


Things change every day.  The rough plan is to be in the New England area for July and California end of August.  


If you are comfortable joining the training and it is permitted in your state, please email jill@blockstarfieldhockey.com for more information.  You can form your own group of 4 keepers or we will set up a group for you.             

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