Covid-19 & Return to Play Update

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Safety Measures and Guidelines for Training:

Blockstar Field Hockey will be following all guidelines outlined in USA Field Hockey's Return to Play Plan. All athletes and parents must read and familiarize themselves with it.  Below are the guidelines for Phase 2.  In pink is how Blockstar is adhering and being even more cautious!!  And all training will be outside in the fresh air :)

  • Limit training groups to 10 (ten) or less:  We are limiting to 1-2 Keepers

  • Limit coaches to 2 (two) or less.                We are limiting to one coach only

  • Limit attendance to those that can confirm no symptoms of COVID-19 for the

    past 14 days.  To ensure this, Athletes and Parents must fill out Covid-19 Attestation Form above

  • Minimize changes in small group participants – assign groups and keep them

    the same  Limiting to 1-2 athletes instead of small groups.

  • Don’t allow parents and spectators to stay at the facility, only drop off and pick

    up  Please adhere to this.   Drop off and pick up only.

  • Coaches handle all shared equipment – cages, balls, cones, etc.  All shared equipment will be handled only by the coach. 

  • Athletes use own water bottle, towels and personal hygiene products.  Please bring your own water bottle, sanitizer, towels, and personal hygiene products.

  • No high fives or handshakes. We will celebrate good saves with 6 feet social distance air high-fives!!

  • Focus on drills that allow for social distancing to be maintained. All drills will be conducted from the recommended 6 foot distancing.  In the case of a semi-private lesson, keepers will have their own designated areas to get their gear on, hydrate, etc.  We ask keepers to please maintain 6 feet distance at all times.  

  • No activities that require direct contact between athletes should be planned.  No drills will require close contact.

  • Frequent cleaning of equipment with disinfectant before and after training

    session should be considered All equipment will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every training session.

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